Appreciating ‘slutty’ Halloween costumes as creative outlets


For college students, Halloween is often marked by a copious amount of sexy costumes. There seem to be two distinct reactions to this holiday tradition: those who support the idea and even partake in dressing scantily, and those who are not fond of the trend. I can understand that some may not want to show off all their bits and pieces for the world to see in a tiny costume, but I feel like that should not affect others’ free will to dress as they please.

If one feels inclined to don fishnet tights, bunny ears and leotard, they absolutely should. If one would rather parade around in a fun one-piece pajama suit, all the power to them.

However, the only person who should be making the decision about what they are and are not comfortable with wearing is the Halloween celebrator themselves. Judging others in any context is not a good look and definitely does not fit with the spooky festivities this holiday brings.

Personally, I find the creative, so-called “slutty” Halloween costumes to be some of the best. I admire my fellow women for always being crafty enough to turn a generic costume into something sexy. At one event this weekend, I saw a girl dressed as a sexy version of Pennywise the clown, and I was inspired. The imagination involved in many costumes is something I have always enjoyed, whether there is a sexy twist to the outfit or not.

Additionally, I think that this trend of sexy Halloween costumes comes with some sense of self-awareness and irony on the part of the people wearing them. If one is to dress as a sexy version of character who generally is by no means sexy, one would assume they are aware of the joke and thus playing into the fun of Halloween. In fact, I know people who try to come up with the most ridiculous, unattractive idea for a costume and turn it into something hot. Although I did not see any sexy Thomas Jeffersons this weekend, I can only hope that somewhere, they did exist.

It seems very juvenile to remind college students that judging people based on what they wear is not acceptable in our society, but I find myself constantly fighting this battle.

Instead of viewing people’s personal choices to dress as something sexy with malice, ghosts and ghouls alike should appreciate the effort that anyone and everyone puts into whatever type of costume they decide on. Even if a girl is wearing something one deems to be too common or basic, one should still respect her as a person and hold back harsh judgements. It seems very juvenile to remind college students that judging people based on what they wear is not acceptable in our society, but I find myself constantly fighting this battle. Who cares if what’s-her-name had her breasts falling out of her sexy goldfish costume — she was probably having a better time dancing the night away in an outfit she felt comfortable in than you did watching her and judging her for her life choices.

Similarly, slut shaming should be avoided no matter the occasion, but especially on Halloween. Just because someone is wearing a skimpy getup doesn’t mean that they want to hook up with you, nor does it open the platform to make derogatory comments toward them.

In my experience at the College, cat calling and slut shaming are not as prevalent as they are in other areas, but these are still topics that must be discussed and confronted.

Remember kids, making comments based on someone’s appearance or sexuality is sexual harassment, and it is an activity that we should try to abolish from our lives.

Instead of judging people based on what they are wearing, one should instead just focus on enjoying themselves and admiring the array of costumes present at any fright-filled function. A supportive attitude and good sense of humor are two things one should always bring along during the Halloween season, and judgmental, sexist comments must be checked at the door.

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