Board of Visitors meets to approve 18 resolutions in November session

The College of William and Mary’s Board of Visitors met Nov. 15-17 and discussed 20 resolutions, 18 of which were passed and two of which were deferred until the February session.

Resolution 1: The Richard Bland College Committee discussed a resolution to name the athletic field at Richard Bland “Willcox Field,” after Flora Willcox Berkeley ’33.

Resolution 2: The Investments Subcommittee of the Committee on Financial Affairs approved this revision to the Investment and Spending Policy for Endowment. The BOV periodically revises this policy; the last revision took place in April 2015.

Resolution 3: The Audit and Compliance Committee approved the 2018 Internal Audit Work Plan for the College and Richard Bland. This annual assessment includes a review of the Information Technology Disaster Recovery Plan, a student employment audit, a fleet vehicle gas card process review and a dining services audit, among other audits and reviews.

Resolution 4: The Committee on Academic Affairs decided to award academic tenure to history professors Simon Middleton and Adrienne Petty.

Resolution 5: The Committee on Academic Affairs dealt with this resolution regarding designated professorships in closed session.

Resolution 6: The Board recognized the retirement of business professor Richard Ash. Ash has been at the College since 1999, has served as an advisor to NASA and currently serves as the executive director of the Alan B. Miller Center for Entrepreneurship at the Raymond A. Mason School of Business.

Resolution 7: The Board recognized the retirement of Howard Busbee ’65, J.D. ’67, M.L.T. ’68. Busbee has extensive involvement in the world of tax planning and currently serves as both an accounting professor and vice chair of the William and Mary Real Estate Foundation.

Resolution 8: The Board recognized the retirement of computer science professor Deborah Noonan M.S. ’81, who has been at the College for 33 years. She has worked to make the College a better place for non-tenure-eligible faculty and was a founding member of the Special Interest Housing Committee on campus.

Resolution 9: The Committee on Administration, Buildings and Grounds approved the acquisition of a piece of property adjacent to the Virginia Institute of Marine Science. The property will allow a buffer between VIMS and nearby private homes.

Resolution 10: The Board approved this resolution for the demolition of Hoxton Hall at VIMS. The building was determined to be unsuitable for renovation or reuse.

Resolution 11: The Committee on Administration, Buildings and Grounds approved the naming of Donald W. Davis Hall, a building on the VIMS campus. Davis is considered the founder of VIMS, as he advocated for a separation of marine research and government regulation and founded the VIMS precursor, Virginia Fisheries Laboratory in 1940.

Resolutions 12-13: These resolutions were to amend the regulations regarding weapons and open flames on campus. The Board decided to defer discussion about these resolutions until February in order to gather more information.

Resolution 14: The Committee on Buildings, Administration and Grounds approved this resolution to transfer the property of 406 and 410 Jamestown Road to the Real Estate Foundation. This transfer will allow the Real Estate Foundation to build the Shenkman Jewish Student Center on that property. Managing the property through the Real Estate Foundation will allow the center to be built according to City of Williamsburg regulations and will not require plans to go through the state government.

Resolution 15: Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration Sam Jones created the position of Maintenance Code Official to ensure that campus buildings are safe, well maintained and up to code. It was determined that hiring a new individual to take on this job would be redundant, so the title of Maintenance Code Official will now be an additional title applied to the Chief Facilities Officer.

Resolution 16: The City of Williamsburg and the College will be working together to create a multi-use bike and pedestrian path along the College Woods. The path currently extends past Campus Recreation and cuts across to the School of Education, but this joint project will extend the path all the way to New Town. The total cost of the project is estimated at $889,449, but the College is only responsible for 20 percent, or $179,890. This resolution was passed to allow the College to move forward as this project progresses.

Resolution 17: This resolution was approved by the Committee on Buildings, Administration and Grounds to construct a facility at Busch Field to provide locker room facilities for the women’s field hockey team and public restrooms. Funding will come from private donations.

Resolution 18: The Committee on Financial Affairs approved the continuation of the William and Mary Promise. This policy guarantees in-state students the same annual tuition for all four undergraduate years. In-state tuition for the class of 2022 is set for $17,434 per year. This is a $1,064 increase from in-state students of the class of 2021. The BOV will approve fees, room and board in the April 2018 session.

Resolution 19: This resolution confirms that the Board received the Unaudited Consolidated Financial Report for the fiscal year that ended June 30, 2017. This report includes information for the College, VIMS and Richard Bland.

Resolution 20: This resolution confirms that the Board received the Unaudited Financial Report of Intercollegiate Athletics for the fiscal year that ended June 30, 2017.


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