Life in a Language House

“I would definitely [recommend living in a Language House]. This semester has been absolutely fantastic in terms of improving my Spanish.” — Carrington Metts ’20, Hispanic House

“My conversational Russian has improved, I’ve made some wonderful new friends and of course made great use of our wonderful kitchen.” — Catherine Green ’20, Russian House

“What I’ll remember for sure is the first potluck we had this year, it’s my second year and it was cool to see all the new faces and the new dynamic.” — Jesse Tanson ’18, French House

“There’s a stronger feeling of community than any other dorm I’ve lived in. Even though I’m not studying German, I felt very welcome.” — Alexander Laney ’18, German House

“It gave me opportunities to learn more about Chinese language and culture. I found the atmosphere really welcoming and the people really nice!” — Zach Rubin ’18, Chinese House

“Immersion in a language is a great way to improve your comfort with it … I loved the idea of being able to talk regularly in Italian with other students, as well as with the house’s tutor, who is a native Italian speaker.” — Zoe Nelson ’20, Italian House

“Over the course of the semester, my Spanish, particularly my conversational Spanish skills, have improved greatly. I also have learned more about the culture of Argentina.” –Carrington Metts ’20, Spanish House

“It holds many fun events which help people learn Chinese culture as well as experience the lifestyle in China.” — Yilun Zhuang ’20, Chinese House

“All the residents know each other, hang out [ … and] cook together, go to events together, and more generally support each other.” — Sebastian Viscuso ’19, German House

“I love that I get to practice speaking French even though I no longer take French classes.” –Alexina Haefner ’19, French House

“I would definitely recommend living in La Casa to friends because it’s a great way to be in an involved community sharing a similar interest.” — Brittany Young ’20, Hispanic House

“I saw it as a unique opportunity … and I love it! I appreciate the sense of community and now all my best friends either live in the House, or frequently visit.” — Kayla Shirley ’19, Russian House

These quotes were compiled and sent by German Tutor Lena Boese and French Tutor Elsa Fiorenzano.


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