Construction brings change across many areas of campus

Varying timelines see projects continue past the fall semester, including the completion of Reveley Garden, which is projected to be finished by February 2020. JAMIE HOLT / THE FLAT HAT

As the new academic year begins, various areas at the College of William and Mary have been blocked off due to construction. While many of these projects will not be completed until 2021 or 2022, there are several areas on campus with renovations that may pertain to the student body sooner 

Reveley Garden 

Charles Gillette, a well-known southern landscape architect, designed a garden for the College’s campus in 1926. Now, in partnership with the Garden Club of Virginia, this design is being built and will be called the Reveley Garden to commemorate former College President Taylor Reveley. The garden will be located between Jefferson Hall and Ewell Hall and has been under construction for the past year. The garden’s design aims to enhance the space used as a circulation area for student transit, while still maintaining important campus staples such as the old mulberry tree. The garden’s cost is estimated to be around $1,627,783 and was initially set to be completed in August 2019. The completion of the garden is now on track for February 2020 and will be excavated by Henry S. Branscome LLC and landscaped by the Garden Club of Virginia.   

Phi Beta Kappa Memorial Hall 

Over this past summerthe official demolition of Phi Beta Kappa Memorial Hall took place to make room for the new performing arts and theater building. This new theater center will consist of 77,260 additional square feet and 31,897 renovated square feet and will continue to be named after the College’s honor society. The new building will host the College’s dance program, as well as theatre and speech programsUpon completion, the building will consist of a 500-person main theater, four classrooms or seminar rooms, a 100-seat student laboratory and a 250-seat black box studio. The project officially began in February 2017, and PBK Hall was closed during the 2018-2019 academic year. The renovation is the latter half a two-part project that is being done by the fine and performing arts programs and is set to be completed in June 2021. Phase Iwhich entails the construction of a new music building, is also estimated to be completed by summer 2021. Phase II, which is the renovation of PBK Hall, is estimated to cost $122,142,000 and will coincide with the opening of the music building. The renovations to PBK Hall are funded by the state of Virginia and contracted by Holder Construction.  

Alumni House 

The Alumni House is currently undergoing renovations that began in November 2015. The house was officially closed last year and has been under construction with the new foundation and walls in place. The new renovation will include garden space, parking and a terrace. The new wings will both be three stories high, which is intended to create a higher capacity space for alumni use. The project is estimated to cost $21,428,000 and should be completed by April 2020. 

Integrated Science Center Phase IV 

In the empty lot located next to Earl Gregg Swem Library, a new wing of the Integrated Science Center is set to be completed in March 2022. The building, which will be built on the site Millington Hall formerly occupied, will house the College’s mathematics, kinesiologycomputer science and design or engineering programs. The new center is estimated to cost $73,266,000 and will be contracted by the construction company Skanska AB. Not only will this wing be a vast new addition to the Integrated Science Center, but it will allow for new programs such as design and engineering to develop at the College.  

Sadler West Expansion 

In May 2022, the Sadler Center will have a new expansion that stretches across the strip facing the McLeod Tyler Wellness Center. This $37,742,000 renovation will create more space both for Sadler Center operations and student recreation. This project is still in the early stages of development. 

 One Tribe Place 

One Tribe Place is currently undergoing renovations aimed to improve its structural and fire safety. The renovations are being completed in three stages, each focusing on a different aspect of the residence hall. Stage One will address water damage repairs and structural updates. The second stage will renovate the buildings storm water systems. Lastly, Stage Three will upgrade the switchgears, relocate the fire pump and update the sprinkler system. Construction on the building officially began in July 2019 and the project is set to be completed by August 2020 for $5,750,000.  


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