SA debates reintroduction of Steer Clear, confirms Honor System Advisory Committee members


Tuesday, Nov. 2, the College of William and Mary’s 329th Student Assembly swore in a new senator, unanimously passed two bills and received a presentation from SA President Meghana Boojala ’22 on the potential reintroduction of the Steer Clear program. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Steer Clear, a free student-operated transportation service for students walking home late at night, shut down operations. SA is currently in discussion with Steer Clear executives to potentially reestablish the program. 

Boojala explained that SA first conducted a survey about the program to ensure student demand, as SA funds both the operational costs and the salaries of Steer Clear student employees. The program had a $15,000 budget with $14,000 of that going towards the payroll, with the high cost likely serving as the central issue in the reinstatement debate. Boojala reported the results of the student survey, which received 402 responses, and indicated that there would be more debate over reinstating the program at the next meeting. 

Also in special business, Senators confirmed three students to the Honor System Advisory Committee (HSAC), which reviews and upholds the Honor Code. Sikander Zakriya ‘19 J.D. ’22, William Weston ’22 and Vincent Sheaberry ’22 were previously appointed by President Rowe and were confirmed through a senate vote.

When asked by senate what the students hoped to contribute to their role on HSAC, Sheaberry added that they planned to review the code with unrepresented communities at the forefront of discussion. 

“I just want to make sure that the populations that are not usually talked about … queer people, disabled people, minority groups, are not being disadvantaged by the … Code,” said Sheaberry. 

Later in the meeting, Sen. Jahnavi Prabhala ’22 and Sen. Mia Tilman ’24 introduced the Subsidized Emergency Contraception Act, which would allocate $1,500 for the costs of 75 emergency contraception (Levonorgestrel) doses. The bill also calls for the Student Health Center to collect data on the usage of emergency contraceptives.

Senators unanimously passed the Labeling Who We Are Act, sponsored by Class President Yannie Cheng ’25 and Sen. Sean Nguyen ’25 , which allocates $114.60 for name tags for the new Class of 2025 representatives and the chair of the Review Board, to be worn at student engagement events. 

SA also unanimously passed the A Frame Act, sponsored by Senate Chair Owen Williams ’23, which allocates $110 to purchase an A frame board for SA use. 

Also at this week’s meeting:


  • Senators nominated and elected Sen. Taylor Fox ’24 for the position of Executive Liaison. The Executive Liaison attends cabinet meetings and reports on the happenings of the cabinet for the senate. 
  • Sen. Dilpreet Aulakh M.B.A. ’23 was sworn in at the beginning of the meeting, replacing former Sen. Keri Broughton M.B.A. ’22 as the representative for the business school.
  • The senate went into a closed session for around an hour to “discuss Sentate [sic] Attendance at outer events as well as at SA sponsored events and the culture of Senate.”




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