An age-old debate


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Over the course of the semester there has been an ongoing and rather heated debate about which of the two main dining halls, Sadler or Commons Dining Hall, also known as Caf, is the better establishment. Many Yik Yaks have passionately declared the superiority of either Sadler or Caf, yet a thorough analysis of the food in both establishments has eluded students so far. Marketplace, although out of the way and incredibly inconvenient for most of the freshmen class (outside of the Lemon Hall snobs), has been reported by several anonymous sources off the record to have incredible chicken parmesan.

Personally I have only been to Caf and Sadler, and can say with confidence that although as a resident of Botetourt Complex I may be biased, Caf has the better food by far. The all day breakfast option gives Caf a huge advantage over Sadler, whose food poisoning-inducing pizza is no match for the delicious sausage, egg and bacon. Sadler’s late night is its saving grace, however. Many people who were surveyed for this piece reported that the mozz sticks, wings, and tater tots are simply superior to the other daytime offerings. As for Marketplace, simply not enough people go there for it to be relevant in any way shape or form aside from its apparently very delicious chicken parm. Marketplace exists on a different plane of existence in which only a select few hand chosen from the student population are lucky enough to indulge in its bounty. I am unfortunately not one of those blessed individuals.

In terms of music, Sadler edges out the competition with its strong playlists that consistently rank among the most yakked-about subjects at the College of William and Mary. In particular, the reggae music that serenades hungry twamps creates a soothing atmosphere perfect for devouring the famous late night mozzarella sticks and wings. The music at Caf seems to have the opposite effect; that one weird country song that’s always on loop seems to actually trigger my fight or flight response every time I’m there. Another subject not often considered when comparing the two dining halls is the fact that Caf does not have its own cafe while Sadler can flex the fact that it has Aromas. I can attest to the deliciousness of their iced coffees as well as the fact that the expansive menu has a lot to offer. For all of the Caf fans who are getting nervous, there is one final x-factor that has not been taken into consideration regarding the superiority of the two dining halls.

Caf is by far the most convenient dining hall for the majority of students, with all of Botetourt, DuPont, the Randolph Complex, Yates, and depending on how lazy they’re feeling, the residents of GGV all located within close proximity to Caf. The numbers simply do not lie, and a total of almost twenty dorms all located a stone’s throw away, I have to declare the winner of this contest to be Caf. Let it be stated for the record, however, that Sadler’s late night is worth the walk past the Grim Dell’s mattresses.



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