New SA sworn into office


The members of the new 320th Student Assembly were formally inaugurated Thursday at a ceremony in the Wren Chapel.

President Curt Mills ’13, Vice President Melanie Levine ’13 and the elected senators and class officers swore their oaths of office.

Mills followed the oaths with his first speech as president, speaking of the accomplishments of the last presidency and how he will work to continue improve the SA.

“[We will] build on this fundamentally changed SA,” Mills said. “[We will] form a new kind of government at the College.”

Mills also described how the SA should focus on reflecting as well as reacting during the new term.

SA President Curt Mills '13 advises the SA to embrace the potential for change. COURTESY PHOTO / ARIEL COHEN
“When I was in the Student Assembly, I felt like all we were doing was reacting,” Mills said. “I ask that all SA members reflect.”

Lastly, Mills closed with a statement about the coming term.

“The Student Assembly faces an absolutely historic term,” Mills said. “Let’s transform this organization.”

Outgoing SA President Kaveh Sadeghian ’12 and the keynote speaker, outgoing Senate Chair Noah Kim ’13, preceded oaths of office by recounting their tenure in the SA and the opportunities before the incoming SA.

In his opening speech, Sadeghian spoke fondly of his time in the SA and the amount of policies the organization was able to accomplish throughout his term.

“[Writing this speech] made me think a lot of how much the Student Assembly has done,” Sadeghian said. “You guys have done a tremendous job.”

The speech was not free of jokes, however, as Sadeghian described how the name of the SA has become synonymous with free massages, an accomplishment in his eyes.

Sadeghian also praised the various branches of the SA while focusing on its outgoing members.

“The senators have been incredible,” Sadeghian said. “I mean, Noah. Noah, Noah, Noah. Noah kind of sums it up … His stride of justice [is] completely propelled by passion.”

Sadeghian continued with descriptions of the outgoing undergraduate council, praising outgoing Senior Class President Stephanie McGuire ’12.

SA Vice President Melanie Levine '13 is sworn in during a Wren Chapel ceremony. COURTESY PHOTO / ARIEL COHEN
“[She is] one of the single nicest [people] I have ever met,” Sadeghian said. “[She’s] done a great job aligning [the SA] with what we really care about in the end.”

Sadeghian also praised his cabinet and outgoing Vice President Molly Bulman ’12.

“I can’t wait to see what you do after this,” Sadeghian said. “Your future is as promising as your [Google] calendar is packed.”

Lastly, Sadeghian closed with a message to the incoming SA, asking them to view everything with a bird’s eye perspective and not get caught up in their immediate problems.

“If there is one way to make all this happen, it’s by laughing,” Sadeghian said.  “Celebrate the quirks. Celebrate the laughter.”

Kim followed, recounting his earliest memories of the SA and the times he enjoyed working within the organization.

“It can really become a family if you let it. I’ve grown so much,” Kim said. “I’ve met some of the most brilliant and capable people through this [organization].”

Kim went on to describe the opportunities of the new SA.

“The 320th Student Assembly will be a profoundly new organization,” Kim said. “I don’t know when the last time it’s been this new, and that’s a major opportunity to define what it will be for the next several years. … You have the power to make the college experience better for people around you and who come after you. … You have an amazingly blank slate.”

Kim closed his speech by calling the separate branches of the SA to take this opportunity to work together.

“Work closely with those sitting next to you,” Kim said. “You all have common goals … This can be something special if you want it to be.”


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