Subcommittee on Investments discusses Green Fund

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April 19, 2013

12:56 AM

After some College of William and Mary students petitioned for the College’s divestment from fossil fuel-type industries, the Green Fund was created. It sets aside $20,000 to use for improvements for students without investing in such industries.

The Board of Visitors’ Investments subcommittee discussed the status of this green initiative in its meeting Wednesday and announced overall investments have increased.

“The next move is not down. It’s up,” Wells Fargo financial advisor Joseph Montgomery said.

Members did not go into many details of the current investment standing, but they did say the College has had a good quarter.

The subcommittee revealed the green initiative has had difficulties. Since the initiative discourages investing in oil and gas securities, this eliminates many options for the necessities of college life, such as heating, pharmaceuticals and transportation. This is not to say students at the College will have to brave winters without heat, but indicates the subcommittee may need more time to find solutions to these potential problems.

The members are hopeful for the future of the Green Fund after the College’s strong quarter

“We’ve let it grow,” Vice President for Finance Sam Jones said.

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