Best of the Burg: Stick a fork in it

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January 24, 2014

12:18 AM

Take a drive down Richmond Road on a lazy Sunday morning and you’ll find no shortage of eateries calling themselves diners or pancake houses. They’re all serving up eggs, sausage, hash browns and pancakes in portion sizes that are  the only justification for the pricing. They all cater to the confused tourist who doesn’t know any better. Tragically, they’re all doing their part to further cheapen the brand of American diner cuisine.

But there’s a place in Williamsburg that doesn’t settle for just filling you up. A Greek joint at heart, it turns out the best diner food around — it’s the legendary Five Forks Cafe. While the exterior is unspectacular, the inside is a time-warp , transporting you to an age of BLTs, omelets, club sandwiches and early-bird specials done right. There are certain menu items that put a slight twist on the classics, like the Greek breakfast sandwich and the Big Chilli  omelet (both amazing), but for the most part, Five Forks is committed to making standard diner fare with care, quality ingredients and a lot of flavor. It’s more than just authentic American diner cuisine; it’s really great food.

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