Voter turnout is still critical

Talking about voting never grows old. Voting, however, has often proven a lot less popular. But it doesn’t look like that will be the case at the College. The latest statistics from campus voter registration drives have just arrived, and the results are at once startling and exciting. Some 2,940 students, more than half the undergraduate population, have chosen to do the democratic thing here in Williamsburg.

Of course, that number won’t matter as much as the turnout figures come November, since for now at least, it represents a huge step in the right direction. Just two years ago, we could count all registered students on two hands.

Back then, supporting student rights wasn’t exactly fashionable here in Williamsburg, but former College President Gene Nichol exhorted students to pursue any means necessary to register. We appreciated his conviction, and in that regard, we wish College President Taylor Reveley would give more vocal support to registration as well. Reveley’s position offers him a unique opportunity to inspire, but in a Sept. 23 e-mail, he dedicated just one line to student registration. Yesterday marked the last day to register for the presidential election, so in the coming month, we expect to hear more from Reveley’s office on the importance of voting.The staff editorial represents the opinion of The Flat Hat.


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