Candidate added to city council race

Another candidate has joined the race for a Williamsburg City Council position at a time when the ballot has changed rapidly, leaving only incumbents.

Changing the ballot is exactly what the new candidate, Ginger Crapse ’89, intends to do.

“Much to their [the incumbents’s] dismay, I am running,” Crapse said. “No election should occur without some challenger. It is very difficult to challenge issues when only incumbents are in the race.”

Of the five city council positions, three are up for reelection in May. The other two seats, one held by Scott Foster ’10 J.D. ’14, will be up for reelection in 2014.

Crapse successfully filed to declare candidacy by the March 6 deadline, according to Williamsburg’s voter registrar Win Sowder. Candidates were required to complete a petition with 125 signatures, among other forms.

Describing herself as very fiscally conservative, Crapse advocates for change and transparency with city expenses, down to the penny. A supporter of zero-sum budgeting, she said that city expenses for the previous year are totally irrelevant and should be reevaluated each year that the new budget is crafted.

“I think we have a very moral responsibility to look at every penny spent,” Crapse said. “You limit the opportunities of students when you don’t justify every penny.”

The number of city clerk employees and the number of crosswalks in Williamsburg were sources of concern for Crapse.

On issues regarding College of William and Mary students, Crapse was critical of the three-person rule, but advocated for greater government oversight over safety inspection of off-campus residences.

“If we are going to talk about town-gown relations, we need to put our money where our mouth is,” Crapse said.

She went on to note that when she was living next to students, it was not the number of students next to her that mattered, but the quality of the students.

Crapse has a B.A. in history and government from the College, and served as a government and history teacher in Newport News for 13 years. She has also been involved in administrative and marketing programs in hotel and retail businesses throughout the Williamsburg area.

“Not a lot of people know me because I haven’t been on the big committees that everyone knows about,” Crapse said. “But I will be at every budget hearing this week, scrutinizing every decision.”

Crapse joins the race days after Felix Schapiro ’15 and  Christina M. Carroll ’05, J.D. ’10 removed their names from the ballot, which saddened Crapse.

“I think that Felix was a very bright and mature student and I was very disappointed to see him leave the race,” Crapse said.

Crapse will face the three incumbents left on the ticket for the election, all of whom also have ties to the College. Incumbents include Mayor Clyde Haulman, a former professor of economics at the College, Vice Mayor Paul Freiling ’83 and Judith Knudson, a former College assistant dean of admissions.


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