Navigating the hook up culture

Regrets are overrated, but awkwardness is real

By Kalyn H

Occasionally, I get it into my head that “something” will be a good idea. That “something” could be anything  —  getting my nipples pierced, going ice-skating, asking a near stranger out to coffee  —  but I usually end up being wrong. In fact, I would go so far as to call most of my spontaneous blunders bad ideas.

“I should have sex with a boy,” I thought to myself. “I should have sex with Landon. This is a good idea.”  

The myth of friends

By Mariana D

Growing up, I’d always had a lot of guy friends. There was never any confusion as to the boundaries of those friendships, so for the most part, the interactions I had with persons of the male sex were all smooth sailing. College guys? A whole different story.

And this is why I avoid sitting on public furniture

By Joseph S

“Did you hear about Michelle and Tom? I heard they had sex on the couch you’re sitting on.” Seriously, I can’t seem to find anywhere safe to sit.


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