The Beer Bracket

Upon purchasing alcohol in college, most students consider two factors: the percentage of alcohol and price. While this method has served us all well as undergrads, it may be time to step up our game.

With the “real world” rapidly approaching and spring Blowout only days away, now seems as good a time as any to wise up on the ways of craft beer. What we found was astounding: Beer can be as diverse as it is delicious. The occasional beer consumer may prefer the lighter, refreshing ale whereas others prefer the more flavorful dark brews. The eccentric one in your friend group will go for the Coffeehouse Stout and the trendy one will go for the bitter IPAs. If you’re friends with a four-year-old, recommend the “Larry’s Lemonade.”

So, study up. You might as well learn something this Blowout. Also, do you really want to be that new employee who orders a Natty Light at his first happy hour?



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