Let’s Talk Sex with Marvin: The great circumcision debate

Flat Hat Video Sex Columnist Marvin S. tackles the tough circumcision debate for Valentine’s Day. Check out what the campus thinks.


  1. Studies show that circumcision causes significant pain and trauma, behavioral and neurological changes in infants, potential parental stress from persistent crying (colic) of infants, disrupted bonding between parent and child, and risk of surgical complications. Other consequences of circumcision include loss of a natural, healthy, functioning body part, reduced sexual pleasure, potential psychological problems, and unknown negative effects that have not been studied.

    Some circumcised men resent that they are circumcised. Sexual anxieties,
    reduced emotional expression, low self-esteem, avoidance of intimacy, and
    depression are also reported. Some doctors refuse to perform circumcisions
    because of ethical reasons. Relying on presumed authorities (e.g., American
    Academy of Pediatrics or doctors who echo AAP views) is not sufficient because
    of their personal, religious, financial, and political conflicts of interest. Instead, watch a circumcision video and trust your instincts. Would you allow someone to do that to YOU? For more information see http://www.circumcision.org.


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