Marketplace sandwiches: the best breakfast choice

A good or bad breakfast really sets the mood for the day. Knowing where to get the best breakfast is therefore really important. The question then becomes, Marketplace or Sadler? And the answer is Marketplace.

One thing that makes Marketplace stand out is its breakfast sandwich station. The station has the awesome options of a bagel, an English muffin, a biscuit, or a croissant as the base of your sandwich. Then you can choose sausage or bacon, egg and cheese as components. It has with it the delicious options of hash browns, oatmeal and grits as sides. The sandwiches make Marketplace well worth it.

The sandwiches make Marketplace well worth it.

Sadler doesn’t have a breakfast sandwich station, but it does have an omelet station, as does Marketplace. Both are equal on that footing, but Sadler’s food also requires you to wait.

What Sadler has that Marketplace doesn’t is cereal. On some occasions, they have great cereals such as Lucky Charms, Frosted Flakes or Cinnamon Toast Crunch, but they do rotate them, and sadly you can’t always get one of the best cereals. At times, you are stuck with the edible but bland flavor of something like Cheerios and, in my case, are then forced to add sugar to make yourself enjoy the bowl. When they do have the good cereals it’s the best. I am a lover of cereal so this is a big attraction point for me.

Some might say that Sadler has a pretty good breakfast station that sometimes has pancakes and eggs. In my opinion, the pancakes aren’t very good. I’m not sure what they make them with, but they certainly taste healthy, which is good for your health but not great for your taste buds. Of course, there is always the option of making your own waffle. The waffles are really good, but making them requires time. More often than not, you have to wait in a line to get to cook your waffle.

The winner in my eyes is Marketplace. I love a good breakfast sandwich, and they deliver.

The winner in my eyes is Marketplace. I love a good breakfast sandwich, and they deliver. Plus, not having to do much on my part is nice. The fact that they don’t have cereal is sad, but Sadler doesn’t always have the cereal that I want either, so both fail on that front. That’s where the Student Exchange or the nearest supermarket comes in to fill my needs. Marketplace is not endless like Sadler, but in the morning I’m not looking to gorge myself, or, if I am, there is always the option of double swiping.

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