College’s Board of Visitors votes to approve 12 resolutions, confirm honorary degrees during February meetings

The College of William and Mary’s Board of Visitors met Feb. 8-11 to discuss topics including compliance, academics and faculty changes. These discussions resulted in the presentation and approval of 12 resolutions.

Resolution 1: The Richard Bland College Committee dealt with this resolution to fill a vacancy in the professional faculty at the Richard Bland College of William and Mary in closed session.

Resolution 2: The Audit and Compliance Committee discussed and approved amendments to the Compliance Program Charter.
This was to extend the definition of compliance over the College’s various components, such as the Virginia Institute of Marine Science. This update is in accordance with a law that expects an update to the program every few years.

Resolution 3: The Board voted to adopt a red-flags policy on identity theft in accordance with Federal Trade Commission regulations. This policy would codify the College’s efforts to identify and mitigate identity theft for members of the College community.

Resolution 4: The Academic Affairs Committee dealt with this resolution to fill vacancies in the instructional faculty in closed session.

Resolution 5: The AAC discussed faculty promotions in closed session.

Resolution 6: The AAC talked in closed session about awarding academic tenure.

Resolution 7: This resolution to grant a faculty-member-designated professorship was handled by the AAC in closed session.

Resolution 8: Sociology professor David Aday, who researched and wrote on the structure and function of juvenile courts in the United States and who prioritized an interdisciplinary approach to his field, will be retiring from his role at the College.

Resolution 9: Economics professor Robert Archibald, who has been part of the College’s economics department since 1976, will be retiring after 41 years.

Resolution 10: Law professor Susan Grover, whose work has focused on employment discrimination and workplace harassment, will be retiring from her role at the Marshall-Wythe School of Law.

Resolution 11: Psychology professor John Nezlek, who has published over 120 peer-reviewed manuscripts and two books, will be retiring after 40 years at the College.

Resolution 12: Marine science professor James Perry, whose expertise lies in wetland ecology and field biology, will be retiring from his role at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science.


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