Winter provides new opportunities for Williamsburg snacking


There is nothing better than seasonal winter snacks — the rest of the seasonal snacks truly need to catch up — although I am fairly certain they have no chance of ever coming close to winter snacks. I mean, how can you go wrong with peppermint and chocolate flavored everything? You can’t. It’s also finally cool enough, at least in Virginia, where you can drink warm peppermint tea comfortably every day, and if you’re me, multiple times a day. Winter snacks accompanied by the winter aesthetic just hits different, nothing beats sitting by the electric fireplace with a cup of peppermint hot chocolate and eating peppermint bark while watching a classic winter movie such as my all-time favorite, Home Alone. I strongly believe that the winter snack season starts after Halloween, promptly when the clock hits midnight, and takes a one-day break for Thanksgiving. So, on November first, the story of my hunt for the best winter snacks in Williamsburg began. Since I am from the definition of winter wonderland — the Pacific Northwest, arguably the home of the best winter snacks — Williamsburg had a lot to live up to.

Living right in Colonial Williamsburg, it was obvious that my search would start at Aroma’s. I found that Aroma’s really had the winter themed drink portion down. From the variety of teas, hot chocolate and lattes, Aroma’s had its classic winter drinks covered. I’ll admit that I was impressed, especially since the Pacific Northwest is known for cute cafes. Aroma’s also tends to have cute seasonal baked good options, although, I think our opinions on when the winter food season starts differs, as instead of having a typical snowman cupcake, they had a turkey one.

“I mean, how can you go wrong with peppermint and chocolate flavored everything? You can’t.”

I also received a lot of suggestions for winter snacks and drinks from my friends here at the College of William and Mary. One recommendation was the chocolate peppermint almond beverage from Trader Joe’s. While I have yet to try it, I am slightly concerned about the drink. My main concern is whether I am supposed to put something in it, or if I am supposed to just drink it as is. I’ve only received this recommendation once, and while I think I’m pretty open to trying weird foods and drinks, this one seems even a little too out there for me. We’ll see if it makes the cut of winter themed drinks and snacks I try this year. Another recommendation I have received is the candy cane flavored ice cream from Trader Joe’s. I am a big fan of candy cane ice cream, so I can’t imagine this being anything less than amazing and I am excited to try it, potentially between two fudge crinkle cookies for the ultimate winter treat.

From the amazing options right here in Williamsburg, to the options my friends have recommended that we can enjoy and rate from the comfort of our homes, thousands of miles apart, I have never been more excited for the winter snack season. Although, I am still hesitant about the peppermint chocolate almond beverage.

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