College releases notice of modified mask mandate in accordance with the CDC

Masks are now optional, but recommended on almost all indoor spaces. ETHAN BROWN / THE FLAT HAT

Monday, Feb. 28, Chief Operating Officer and COVID-19 Director Amy Sebring sent an email updating students on a new mask policy in response to the CDC’s new guidelines regarding public guidance for masking. 

Effective Tuesday, March 1, the College will no longer be requiring masks in places other than classrooms or class labs during scheduled classes and/or lab activity. Masks will also be required in some limited venues, including on public transportation in accordance with federal government mandates and in the Student Health Center. This decision will be assessed after students return from spring break and will be updated as the College makes future decisions. 

“It is important to note that the new CDC scale anticipates that communities may go through periods of heightened COVID-19 activity during which it may  be necessary to increase William and Mary’s COVID-19 protocols,” Sebring wrote. “We will continue to monitor both our local community as well as our campus community in the context of the new CDC guidance.” 

Additionally, in accordance with the Virginia Department of Health shifting away from contact tracing, the College will shift case management in order to prioritize supporting students and employees who have testing positive and providing test access when necessary. 


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