New COVID-19 policy de-emphasizes case management

As of Aug. 5, the College of William and Mary is no longer operating COVID-19 case management or contact tracing. The College issued this change alongside amended isolation guidelines for students who test positive. Those students are expected to isolate off-campus if possible, but the College will not coordinate individual isolation housing.

Vice President for Student Affairs Ginger Ambler announced the new policies in an email to the community on July 28. Ambler stated that the threat posed by COVID-19 is on the decline and that day-to-day emergency response is no longer needed.

Today, COVID-19 is one illness among many the university will help students and employees manage on a daily basis,” Ambler wrote.

In lieu of formal university management programs, Ambler directs students to resources for COVID protection. The College encourages students to remain up to date with vaccinations and welcomes mask-wearing, though it is only mandatory at the Student Health Center. The email also includes guidance on recognizing symptoms, proper isolation and balancing academics. Ambler strongly urges community members to stay home and get tested if they feel sick.

The College will provide one free rapid test to all residential students at the beginning of the semester upon arrival to campus. Students may also obtain limited free tests from the federal government and Williamsburg library. The Sadler Center will continue to provide testing kits for purchase.


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