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Editor in Chief Isabel Larroca '18 is a Public Policy major from Arlington, Va.

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Students, administration neglect significance of College’s Charter Day

Once a year in early February, every student at the College of William and Mary gets the chance to celebrate their school. The only...

Coronavirus complicates student travel plans, causes academic adjustments

Jan. 25, just three days after the spring semester began, students, faculty and staff at the College of William and Mary received an informational...

Brickhouse’s dress-code sparks student outrage

In mid-December, local bar and restaurant Brickhouse Tavern posted a “Late Night Dress Code” outside their front entrance. Some students quickly took notice and...

Gates protestors act without evident intentions, reasoning behind protest proves unclear

Before I start, let me confirm one thing above all else: I am a live-free-or-die supporter of our inviolable right to peacefully protest. The...

Penne for your thoughts: Exploring the pasta-bilities

Over the summer, I studied abroad in Florence, Italy, where I truly fell in love with spaghetti carbonara. I know, I know, everyone comes...