OTP undergoes wiring upgrades, hallway lighting repairs

One Tribe Place received a few upgrades to building systems over the summer.

“This time around, we wanted to make it safer and completely redid the wiring in the rooms,” Director of Planning, Design and Construction Wayne Boy said. “We updated the wire to a flexible metal cable.”

In addition to replacing the wiring, workers also renovated hallway lighting to meet code in case of emergency. If there is ever a need to leave the building due to an emergency, a certain number of lights still need to work in order for people to see to exit.

Testing took place in the red garage, and workers brought the facilities up to code to make it available for student parking.

“The green garage still has some repairs that will need to be funded in the future,” Boy said. “The green garage will be addressed at a future date to be determined.”

Currently about two-thirds of the space in the former hotel is being used for student living space. There are numbers of large spaces, old dining areas and a basement that have yet to be repurposed.

“While Residence Life manages the student rooms and lounge spaces adjacent to those rooms, how the rest of the building will be used and who will manage those sections has not been completely determined. Getting the sleeping rooms prepared for resident occupancy was the first priority of the university,” Director of Residence Life Deb Boykin said. “The university is taking time to consider the options and costs associated with ensuring the facility meets all building codes and developing plans for funding upgrades or changes.”

One Tribe Place is on the list of buildings to receive further attention in the future, as it is a large provider of on-campus student living space.

“One Tribe Place has increased the housing options available to our students. They seem to like the large, well-furnished rooms and convenience to campus. It was among the first buildings to be selected in last spring’s room selection process,” Boykin said.


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