The Flat Hat Staff selects the Best of the Burg for 2015

The Flat Hat staff selects their top picks for the best places in Williamsburg in 2015.

Best CW Attraction: The sheep

Gabbie Pachon // The Flat Hat

Perfect for your animal-enthusiast little brother or livestock-appreciating uncle, the Colonial Williamsburg sheep’s wooly coats can brighten any cloudy day as they baa and bleat their way into your heart.

Best Place to Study: Swemromas

Katie Koontz // Flat Hat Staff Writer

These drinks and snacks are more than a draw to visit Swemromas; they provide the energy to fuel an extended study session there.

Best Cheap Fashion: Goodwill

Iris Duan // The Flat Hat

Goodwill presents itself as a well organized and spacious store complete with racks of clothing — color coded and organized by price — changing rooms, and easy-to-understand labels.

Best Frozen Treat: Baskin Robbins

Siobhan Doherty // The Flat Hat

The good-humored staff is accommodating, even when a reporter stands at the counter with several tiny plastic spoons looking to sample all 31 flavors in the name of journalism.

Best Restaurant You Can’t Afford: Blue Talon

Erin Murphy // Flat Hat Staff Writer

The chocolate mousse is a crowd pleaser, and is filling enough to share with your parents after you’ve filled up on the mac and cheese.

Best Place to Get Lost: Matoaka Trails

Eric Peters // The Flat Hat

Walking this trail helps one remember the history of the campus, and it’s a worthwhile activity for any student that hasn’t yet wandered through the woods.

Best Baked Goods: Blackbird Bakery

Akemi Tamanaha // The Flat Hat

The tasty muffins and sweet cinnamon rolls are also the perfect excuse to skip breakfast at the Caf on weekends.


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