Ice Covers Williamsburg – Friday, February 24, 1967

The Wren Courtyard becomes a graveyard for ice-covered branches. FILE PHOTO/TORREY C. FROSCHER, ED WEISBERG

The College of William and Mary seems to be no stranger to crippling winter weather. On Friday, February 17, 1967, Williamsburg was brought to a standstill by a debilitating coating of ice. Falling tree limbs caused damage across campus from Ludwell Apartments to the greek lodges and the ladies of Barrett Hall were even subjected to a panty raid brought on by a power outage. Read more about the snowy shenanigans below.

By Torrey C. Froscher and Ed Weisberg

Freezing rain took its toll in the Williamsburg area late Friday as ice-covered tree limbs collapses on telephone and electricity lines.

Spokesmen in Williamsburg said the damage was the worst since Hurricane Hazel struck in 1954.

Due to an unpredictable northbound cold front the entire state suffered from the combination of snow, sleet and rain.

Areas on the College campus were without electricity for periods varying from two hours to about twenty hours.

Some students housed in the Ludwell Apartments moved in on campus when power was not restored.

Fallen limbs were a common sight on campus. A felled tree hit the Sigma Pi Lodge but caused no damage.

The roof of Pi Kappa Alpha’s lodge, however, was speared by the top third of a tree which penetrated the women’s bathroom.

Damage to Barrett Dormitory, which included broken windows and torn screens, was an indirect result of the Friday night power failure.

According to the Campus Police, black-outs always result in the raids of the girls’ dormitories by the “men” of the campus.

Last Friday was no exception as a group rallied to strike Barrett, reportedly for the purpose of securing panties.


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