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Brendan Doyle '20 serves as Executive Editor and hails from Centreville, Virginia. He formerly held the positions of Opinions Editor and Sports Editor, and has contributed to the News, Variety and Online Sections.

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College tours during winter months create different, meaningful presentation of campus, add value

At the moment, it seems like you can’t go anywhere at the College of William and Mary without running into a college tour. There always...

SA receives budgetary updates, introduces award redesignation bill

Feb. 25, at the meeting of the College of William and Mary’s 327th Student Assembly held at the School of Education, senators received an...

Campus-endorsed restaurants fail to provide sustainable packing despite campus actions

Sustainability on campus has become very relevant in recent months due to the increasing appearance of pseudo-environmental justice warriors, complete with the crusade against...

Men’s Tennis: Tribe overpowers Yale 6-1 in first road match of the season

William and Mary (5-1, 1-0 CAA) hit the road for its first away match of the season and beat Yale (2-4) in a resounding...

Tweets Between the Sheets : Textual Analysis of “William & Mary Crushes 3.0”

Since spring 2019, hopeless romantics at the College of William and Mary have found solace in “william & mary crushes 3.0,” a Facebook group...