The Flat Hat staff selects the Best of the ‘Burg for 2015

Art, adventure, food: Say hello to The Best Of The ‘Burg.

Best Brunch: Aromas

By Jillian Bates // Associate Variety Editor

Instead of searching Richmond Road to fulfill your pancake pleasure, try Prince George Street, where the brunch at Aromas proves itself worthy.

Best Art: Muscarelle

By Sarah Ruiz // Associate Variety Editor

Need a study break? Searching for creative inspiration? The College of William and Mary’s Muscarelle Museum of Art can certainly help with that.

Best Cocktails: The Trellis

By Devon Ivie // Variety Editor

Located on Duke of Gloucester Street, The Trellis is an oasis for 21-and-over students with a penchant for consuming stylish cocktails and libations, and who also want an escape from the cliché bar and deli scene.

Best Outdoor Adventure: Canoeing On Lake Matoaka

By Annie Sadler // Associate Opinions Editor

When things get a little too hectic and you want an escape from all the hustle and bustle of Williamsburg, Lake Matoaka is the place to be.

Best Cheap Eats: Cook Out

By Sam Dreith // Associate Variety Editor

One big double burger, hushpuppies, chicken nuggets and a huge tea all for $4.99.

Best Place To Spend Flex: Swemromas

By Meilan Solly // Associate News Editor

Swemromas has been the object of student adulation since the opening, a fact most evident between classes, when the line to order extends almost out the door.

Best Expensive Eats: The Blue Talon

By Emily Stone // Associate Variety Editor

The Blue Talon is definitely worth the splurge, but if you don’t have the deep pockets for it, you can easily still have an enjoyable dining experience.

Best Farmers Market Stand: Goats R Us

By Nicole Walsh // Flat Hat Staff Writer

Students who attend the weekly Williamsburg Farmers Market purely to hunt down free food samples surely know the colloquially referred to “goat cheese man.”


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